Raspberry Pi powered rocket launcher

As reported on imgur, reddit and by Kyle Mizokami of Popular Mechanics, a Raspberry Pi hobbyist computer board has been spotted inside a rocket launcher prototype presented at last month’s Bezpeka Security trade show in Ukraine which specializes on defense and fire protection equipment.

turchinov rpi grenade launcher

In the photo above, Ukrainian Defense and Security Secretary, Olexander Turchinov, is posing with the rocket launcher prototype.

Raspberry Pi Rocketl Launcher

Above and below a Raspberry Pi board and the whole makeshift arrangement can be seen in the closer photos of the device.

Raspberry Pi guidance system inside Rocket Launcher

The RPi board is located towards the head of the device and Popular Mechanics contemplates its purpose could be sound guidance in applications against helicopters and tanks. There are obviously concerns around using a hobbyist computer board in military applications and questions in regards to its battlefield reliability. This does however reflect the trend in the modern warfare where smaller forces with limited budgets increasingly are able to cause greater impact with the help of affordable technology.

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