DeepX – Ultimate Computer Vision & Machine Learning Platform

Covijn has united forces with partners to form DeepX platform, an ultimate platform for your personal and commercial Computer Vision needs.

You will be able to learn more about DeepX products and services by visiting the official consortium website:

The machine learning and computer vision product and consulting solutions offered by consortium include:

Number plate detection system

Computer Vision in aerial UAV footage analysis

Food recognition – Computer Vision for calories count and diet analytics

First responders auto alert system (computer vision powered)

Computer Vision for Deep Fake detection

Computer vision for head pose and line of sight estimation

Computer Vision powered Face recognition

Machine speed deflection and projection (computer vision powered)

VIP AI / Computer Vision security system (AI Security team)

Computer vision for people counting and retail analytics

Computer vision assisted indoor navigation, coordinates and distance estimation

Computer Vision solutions for AR and VR simulations

Rank & Sync AI image processing system for satellite imagery