Top IoT countries 2017 (Internet of Things events destinations)

We have earlier published the list of top cities hosting Internet of Things events throughout the world and the winner was (1st) London (UK) followed by (2nd) Chicago (US), (3rd) Toronto (Canada) and (also 3rd) New Delhi (India).

That list however treats all city destinations individually and does not group results by country. So which is the country that does most around IoT in 2017 (well at least events wise)? You could probably have guessed by now especially if you looked into our IoT events database but here are the results in case you’re still curious:

  • 1st place: United States (29 events)
  • 2nd place: United Kingdom (15 events)
  • 3rd place: Germany (9 events)
  • 4th place: India (7 events)
  • 5th place: Canada (6 events)

The overall relative percentage:IoT events 2017 top countries

This statistics is based on our research of Internet of Things related events for period 2016 Q4 – 2017, all data extracted from open sources available in English. We made the database absolutely free to download here, just click/tap on “CSV”, “Excel” or “PDF” button. Feel free to use it in your own analytics or simply to plan where to demo your products or learn more about the trends of connected things industry in 2017.

P.S. We do understand our research on IoT expos and conferences in 2017 is not excessive as new events will be announced going forward. Once our database is updated, this post will be updated with a link to the new version. Please feel free to use the comments section to inform us about new events posting a link to official website.


IoT top cities in 2016 and 2017

According to our database of IoT events across the world in Q4 2016 – 2017, the following can be concluded:

Top IoT cities

1. London (United Kingdom) takes the place of top 1st IoT destination, hosting over 14 events.
2. Chicago (Unites States) – 7 events.
3. Toronto (Canada) and New Delhi (India) – 4 events each.
4. Berlin (Germany) and San Diego (United States) – 3 events each.
5. Fifth place is shared between 9 cities: Barcelona (Spain), Boston, New York, San Francisco, Santa Clara (United States), Chengdu (China), Ottawa (Canada), Singapore, Stuttgart (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan).

Internet of Things worldwide events map for 2016 and 2017 (cities)

IoT cities 2016 2017 pie chart

If you don’t see your city in the list but believe it should be, please feel free to contribute using the comments section below.